Start Your Journey to Homeownership

Journey to homeownership - Step 1

Visit Our Website
& Browse Floor Plans, Virtual Tours, and More

Get familiar with our website and sign up on the interest list to stay updated with community information.

Homeownership journey - Step 2

Contact our Sales Team
via Phone, Email, Website or In Person

Reach out to our sales team to learn more about prices and availability of homes.

Guide to buying new homes - Step 3

Get Pre-Approved
With One of Our Preferred Lenders

Our trusted, local lenders will assist you with your financing needs. If making a cash purchase provide cash statement in lieu of preapproval.

Choosing the right home - Step 4

Schedule a Tour
of Your Dream Home

Request a tour and/or information directly from our website.

Financing your new home - Step 5

Choose the Home that Best Suits Your Needs
Check with Sales Team on Current Sales Process & Availability

Provide a deposit to reserve & sign a purchase agreement. Review community disclosures and the purchase agreement.

Closing the deal on a new home - Step 6

Visit the Design Gallery
When Available to Select & Personalize Your Home

Enjoy the process of personalizing your home to make it yours.

Moving into your new home - Step 7

Final Steps: Orientation, Review & Close
We Will Help Guide You Each Step of The Process

And your sales team will keep you informed every step of the way.

Decorating your new home - Step 8

Your Home is Ready

While your memories begin, your journey with SummerHill doesn't end.

Enjoying your new home - Step 9

Ready to start your journey to homeownership today?

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