Winter Home Maintenance Tips for our Homeowners

With Winter in full effect, now is a good time for homeowners who have lived in their newly constructed home to make sure their home is prepared for the season. Regular home maintenance prevents future damage and maintains proper operation of your home.

Check out these tips to maintaining your home in the Winter.

  • A/C Condensate Drain Line- Inspect the condensate drain lines to ensure that water is flowing freely and is watertight.  Inspect the condensate drain pan float switch to ensure it is mounted on the pan properly and that it turns off the AC unit when the pan accumulates a significant amount of water.
  • Balcony- Inspect for proper drainage
  • Gutters-  Clean out debris!
  • Windows- Clean window tracks of any debris to keep the weep holes free of blockage to prevent water from leaking into your home.
  • HVAC Air Filters-  Inspect and change out your air filters!  They have been working hard all year long!

Keep Warm and Happy New Year

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