Gobble, Gobble, It is almost Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we thought it would be great to share some ideas from recent magazines.  Whether you are looking for a twist to your holiday meal decorating or some delicious recipes, look no further.

Although the weather this week has been a bit chilly, it can be warm at Thanksgiving and Sunset magazine serves up 20 wonderful ideas for bringing your entertaining outdoors with 20 tips for your best outdoor party (the article was called It’s different out here in the magazine).  Plus they also shared some fun ideas for designing your own invitations or name cards with the Art of the Party.

Real Simple serves up ways to keep your Thanksgiving, well, simple.  They offer up a Thanksgiving timeline to keep you on track until dinner time (suggest starting 3 weeks ahead of time, but no sweat just pick up where you can).  Be sure to check out their 10 tricks to Trouble-Free Thanksgiving too.

For lighter options this Thanksgiving, visit Cooking Light with 12 Perfect Roast Turkey Recipes and the Ultimate Holiday Cookbook.

New homeowners at Merimont, Redwood Gate, and Satake Estates will be cooking in fabulous new kitchens this holiday season.  Use the links to check out the photo galleries of the stunning models at each of the communities.

This Thanksgiving, my husband and I are hosting our first Thanksgiving with our extended family, so we will be cooking up a storm.  We have already selected most of the recipes for our meal.

A mix of family recipes (cornflake dressing and possibly a green bean casserole), tried and true recipes from years past (roast turkey with herbed butter & carmelized onions, brussel sprouts, and cranberry relish), and new recipes (pumpkin pie with creme fraiche whipped cream substituting my personal favorite pie crust in place of the one in the recipe and green onion mashed potatoes).   There will be plenty of leftovers at our home.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!