What’s New in Technology?

Here’s the latest in technology, some new and some just fun to share!

As Mashable shares, January has become the month to watch for what is coming up in technology, be sure to check out their 8 Gadgets to Watch in 2011 – looks like 2011 will be the year of the tablet.

EcoHome Magazine shares the latest in Green Products and Technology, my favorite article was the sustainable farmhouse.  The New and Notable section is also pretty cool!

CES: ThinkEco smart plug lays waste to wasted power from CNET – Cutting down on wasted power?  That sounds good to me.

CNET reported on: ‘Smart’ solar panels wring more juice to lower cost.  Read more

And, we already know it, but….Your smartphone will run your life  https://bit.ly/9wl13l (from CNN Money)

A $300 million bet on solar https://bit.ly/9zBlme

And to help put the kids to sleep, CNET can help with that:  The iPhone app that detects monsters