Get Connected in Your New Home

Yesterday, I tweeted about this cool new memory chip from Apple that allows you to download photos from your camera to your computer wirelessly, yes, wirelessly.  Now I haven’t tried it yet, but I would like to as I am inevitably searching for a the connection cable when I want to download photos at work to upload on our Facebook pages or even here for our blog.

This got me thinking about our new homes.  One of the things that sometimes goes unnoticed is how easy it is to have your own home network.

Setting up your own home network is a breeze with a centralized panel for all of the wiring – phone, satellite, cable, DSL – to connect the whole house.  New homes offer many exciting features that make it easy to stay connected, literally.

Want to get even more connected? Just add a wireless router and browse from the comfort of your couch.  Some of the new printers even enable you to print wirelessly.

Music lover?  Set-up your iPod to play through your new surround sound system, cause if you’re buying a new home you can select options like surround sound to have your speakers built into the ceiling.

Sports fan?  Your new home can include features like connection spots for the HDMI and much more.

Ready to get connected today?  View our new home communities here.