Green is heating up!

Green is HOT!

Green is all the rage right now. Most builders are using Energy Star certified appliances and some builders (like yours truly), have Build it Green and USGBC certified communities.

One way SummerHill is going green this year is by switching some of our communities from Copper plumbing to PEX.

What is PEX? Great question (not it’s not related to T-REX). PEX saves copper (a natural resource), fulfills the new CA code for energy efficiency and environment, is more durable than copper, and saves time and money for the builder and consumer. Sounds like a winning product!

A few other green ideas?

PG&E is passing out up to $250 rebates to folks who purchase Energy Star rated washing machines.
Your local city maybe giving credit for replacing old water wasting toilets and sprinklers, with new appliances that save water and energy.

I recently started putting a bucket in the shower to catch water as my shower heats up. It’s a small effort, but every little bit counts (helps my wallet too when that water bill comes in!)

So let’s talk more about how to get involved in this green trend? Any good tips, suggestions? Anything your city or county is sponsoring?

Go Green and Happy Friday!

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