What is Green Plumbing?

Green Plumbing is a commitment to continued training throughout Marina Plumbing Company in an effort to bring consumer awareness to SummerHill’s communities and other communities throughout the Bay Area.

Continuous training programs serve to promote water conservation and to introduce energy efficient ways of saving and utilizing our natural resources, such as water, and to help with the reduction of Green House emissions by using certain plumbing products and techniques that are more environmentally safe and efficient.

Marina Plumbing Company remains committed to serving builders throughout California and we stand committed to improving our environment at the same time. Marina Plumbing Company has proudly entered the new millennium as an accredited Green Plumbing Company, prepared and qualified to serve the building industry and the general public as well.

Our customers have come to associate quality with the performance of work Marina Plumbing Company provides. Many years of success and customer satisfaction has opened the way for Marina Plumbing Company to establish a full service and repair division to serve the public.