Your house needs a holiday too.

Labor day. Possibly the best holiday for you hard workin’ 8 to 6er’s out there. A day off (a real one!) with no obligation to buy gifts, visit family, or travel for hours on end while playing “I spy with my little eye”…

So in honor of this amazing holiday, let’s briefly review the labor of homebuilding and why we ALL deserve a day off.

Labor (n): 1 A : expenditure of physical or mental effort especially when difficult or compulsory. B (1) : human activity that provides the goods or services in an economy

Homebuilding involves both these definitions… building a home is no small task- it requires many industries starting with land sellers and city planners, and moving up to architects, engineers, and almost every conceivable area of construction from plumbing to landscaping to electrical and bulldozing. But homebuilding also fulfills the second definition. The action of homebuilding obviously provides new homes, but it also provides work and jobs to people like you and me.

Interested in a super abbreviated list of the labors of homebuilding? Check it out:

1. Land tour- find out what’s available
2. Research- how is the neighborhood? Are there good schools? What type of home should we build?
3. Open escrow
4. Architect creates floor plans and elevations  for review- so fun to look at!
5. Submit plans to the City for approval
6. Close escrow- (helps to own the land first right?)
7. Begin site improvements- clearing land for construction to start- a big job!
8. Research and purchase best products- lumber, windows, doors, etc…
9. Begin production construction

Phew! Well that’s all the work I’m doing today.

Hope you guys find this little insight to homebuilding a little interesting, and next time you look at your house, give a little shout out to all the effort, past, present and future, that created your home.

Have a well-deserved and relaxing labor day!

Happy Friday.