Spring Cleaning before the Fall Holidays

Okay, so we never did get around to Spring cleaning, so we figured better late than never especially before holiday decorations go up.

Last week I cleaned the dryer vent – boy what a difference in how fast our clothes dry.  I guess that’s what they are saying when they say keep your dryer vent clean to maximize energy efficiency.  You can also get your dryer vent cleaned by a professional when you have your heating ducts cleaned.

Then we tackled cleaning our two balconies together (one before the start of Sunday football and the other at half-time, sadly neither of our teams won).  We moved all of our plants and BBQ onto a camping tarp that we’d put down to protect our carpet.  Then we used a great deck brush and Simple Green we picked up at Home Depot.

And, now the decks look really good.  Plus, we even cleaned out the bottom of the BBQ – yup, you need to do that regularly too.

There are a few tougher stains still on the deck from past BBQ grime, which we still need to figure out how to remove.  Lesson learned, easier to clean earlier than later.

Next up the back corner of our garage.