Color-ize your SummerHill Home

We all dream of having the perfect home – that is always in style.  Picking the perfect color scheme for your home can sometimes seem as difficult as quantum physics.  Don’t be afraid!  We are here to help you out with the upcoming color trends that the design industry has for fall and winter.

Colors for the Season

Remember playing in your grandmother’s jewelry box?  You would find all types of vintage gold jewelry encrusted with faux saphires, rubies and amethst.  Imagine living in that world with gorgeous jewels surrounding you.  This season it is all about elegance, luxury and power, influenced by jewel tones.

Colors like plum, gold, fuchsia, bronze, & slate speak to this trend.  In this economy, we all would like to feel a touch of elegance in our home.

Each color tells a different story, and can emulate a certain feeling inside of us.

– Reds stimulate the mind, and create energy and warmth.
– Blues encourage peaceful thoughts and are soothing and pure.
– Purples represent creativity, power, nobility, luxury, and ambition.
– Green is healing and offers protection and wealth.

What feelings and emotions do you want to emulate in your home?  Select that color, and paint a focal wall or even a room with it!

Finally, add grey this season.  It is the new neutral.  Phase out browns and add warm cozy flannel and heather. Everything goes with a grey, so layer your colors like you would a fabulous outfit…start with the neutral basics and add those jewel toned, colorful accessories to make it feel like you!