The next frontiers of technology

Much of the technology news this week  was about the next big things from Google and Apple.  Will you rushing be out to get a Nexus One or Tablet?  

We probably won’t be rushing out to get one, but we are certainly on board with having everything at our fingertips via the Android or iPhone platforms.  With all of this new technology and being able to access anything from anywhere, the question is what’s next?

There are apps on both platforms to monitor how the phone uses battery power, so will there be an app to monitor how your home uses electricity?  There is definitely computer software out there for monitoring a high-tech home from a computer, but it would be very cool to be able to monitor it from your phone.

Where do you see technology heading?  What would you want to access about your home from your phone?

  1. I would like to know if my home alarm system has gone off. That will be nice to know from my phone! I would also like to know when the refridgerator door is open. Both to make sure it wasn’t done by accident… and also to make sure the family stays out of the late night snack area! HA!

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