Real Estate Today: Applause, Applause, and Another Round

First question…The big news this week regarding new home construction was- (buzz buzz buzz) CNNMoney– what’s the answer?

-This week it was reported that although housing starts have fallen over the last quarter, permit requests from builders have sky rocketed. This is the largest request for permits since Summer of 2008 and was a pleasant surprise for the market.

Second question… The FHA has recently released new policies regarding- (buzz buzz buzz) Yes, US News & World Report you have information on this?

-The FHA continues efforts to encourage first time homebuyers and boost the market by offering mortgages with only 3.5% down.

Final question for the tie-breaker… The human interest story rocking the headlines this week was about Habitat for Humanity and a volunteer finally getting- (ding ding diiiiiiiiing) Well folks, that sound means we are out of time. Get more on this story here and be sure to catch up with us next time on Real Estate Today (camera goes to wide shot, lights fade and cut).

Thanks for being a great audience and Happy Friday!