Your Path to Spring Cleaning

Oh, the beauty and promise of Spring. There is of course a price to pay for the beauty and promise of Spring. Household maintenance and cleaning that is. After all, who wants to look through your kitchen window to enjoy the crocus and tulips in bloom only to see dirt, grime and bug carcass laden glass?There are many things you can do in early Spring that can clear a path to a relaxing Summer. There are many products on the market that can make washing windows simple and easy. There are attachments for your garden hose that can spray a solution on your windows and screens to clean without scrubbing or rinsing. There are also sponges infused with cleaning solutions that can attached to a long pole. This way you may not have to leave your lounge chair to reach the grime. Don’t know where to look? Check out Orchard Supply Hardware. They are having a sale this weekend on garden tools, including garden hose attachments.

Spring is a perfect time to change all of the filters in your home. From your furnace/AC to your water filter in your refrigerator. It is also a good time to take a look at all of the caulking in your home and remove and replace as needed. Caulk is helpful against drafts at windows and doors and can help to reduce your energy bills. Caulk is also important in water areas to seal and protect from water damage.

Faucets throughout your home should be taken off and cleaned. The minerals and deposits that are normally in our water supply can build up over time and clog our faucets. In addition to clearing out the deposits you can soak your shower heads in something like CLR or Lime-away to clean off the hard water marks. This also works to clean your shower doors.

Don’t forget about your tile and natural stone slabs. All natural stone and tile grouts should be sealed once to twice a year. The sealants are sold at large reputable hardware stores and can be applied relatively easily.

So, once you have taken care of the little chores that come with Spring you can sit back and relax. Summer is just around the corner and there are more chores to get to, like swimming, barbequing, and snoozing in a hammock under a shade tree.