A Place to Call Home

Home is where the heart is….

For some of us home is the place that we grew up, for others it is the home that we share with our significant other, spouse, children or parents as join into help raise children.

The place we call home is an important part of our lives.

At SummerHill, we build a variety of homes from townhome-style condominiums to single-family homes.  Each of the homes we build shares a common denominator – flexibility!This makes it easy for you to adapt the home to how you want to live.  In our models we may show a loft as a space for teenagers to hang out, but this space could easily be used as a home office space too.

And, many of our communities offer the additional flexibility to select a room configuration that better matches how you will use the space.  A great example is Satake Estates – there are countless room options like master suites, home office, loft, and more.

Redwood Gate and Merimont also offer a wide variety of room options making it easy for you to make your new home truly yours.

I live in a SummerHill home, a townhome actually.  Room options in a townhome are a little less abundant, but that doesn’t mean that the space isn’t flexible.  For example, our living room is so large that we’ve divided it into two living spaces – a living room and a home office.  Our second bedroom is a guest room, but at one time we removed the closet doors and used it as a home office.  This  home has offered us flexibility to adapt to our ever changing lifestyle.

Village Square is a perfect example of this type of flexibility.  In our models, we may showcase a room as a bedroom.   Our homeowners see this space as the perfect room for entertaining guests, so they decorate it to serve that purpose.  And, the upcoming modern urban homes, which feature floor to ceiling windows on the main living level offer a work space on the ground level that could be a bonus living room for the video game enthusiast or a place for you to start the home business that you always dreamed about.

Your vision can become a reality in a new home.  It’s flexible for how you live.

How are you using the extra space in your new home?  If you’re looking, what do you dream of having in your home?