Tune Out the Noise for Some Play

Have you noticed that the news is positive one week and negative the next about the same topic?  Sometimes it is about how the reporter spins a particular subject that makes it sound really good or really bad.

We each have the ability to tune out the noise.  Whether it is not watching the news or taking a break from the internet, sometimes it is just a good idea to tune out the outside noise to realize that we are okay where we are at. Genius, right?

There was a great article “Power of Play” in Cooking Light’s October issue* that highlighted the benefits of playing.Yes, as in play soccer or play a game or just play time.  Maybe kids really hold the key to how to get away from it all with playtime.  Several members of our team play on volleyball leagues, enjoy cycling, running or simply throwing a football around.

Our sense of balance about the world and our surrounding environment can come from within.

A few calming ideas for the week:

  • A family dinner
  • A good book
  • Toss a football with a friend or your child
  • A yoga class
  • Write a handwritten note to an old friend
  • Toss a football with a friend
  • Enjoy a glass of wine
How do you turn down the noise?
*unfortunately the article isn’t on their website yet, but may post after the magazine is off the newsstand.