A Wedding…

Okay, so unless you haven’t watched tv recently, you must know that there is a major wedding happening this Friday – William and Kate of course!

Royal wedding celebration, community event

And weddings, well, they get us thinking about what comes after the wedding –  a new home and maybe a baby!  William and Kate have already announced that they will continue to reside in Anglesey.  Babies are probably off in the future.

If you are planning a wedding this spring or summer, here are a few helpful sites as you plan for your big day:

The Knot
Wedding Channel

And after the big day, check out The Nest, which offers good tips for purchasing your first home!  And, we’re happy to help with at least one of the what comes next – a NEW HOME!

Although, we are nearly sold out at Merimont and Satake with just 1 home remaining at each of those two communities and only 2 remaining at Redwood Gate in Palo Alto, we just opened Enclave at Waverly Park in Mountain View and have plans to open 3 additional communities by the end of this year.

Oh and rumor has it that moving into a new home brings a baby along soon as several of our communities have a baby boom after move in!

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