Selling Your Home? Here’s What to Avoid

It seems like everyone is trying to buy in Sunnyvale. At least that’s our impression watching all the brisk sales activity at Las Palmas, the new home community in Sunnyvale (and its not just an impression. The number of homes sold in Santa Clara County jumped 27.4% in April and the average number of days on the market dropped to just 22 days!). So we keep getting asked for tips on home sales: what should would-be home sellers avoid doing to help increase the likelihood of selling their home? The San Jose Mercury News offers these helpful tips:

  1. Don’t hold on to imagined equityRemember that a house is only worth what a buyer will pay for it and nothing more. Often times sellers will believe their property offers something special that isn’t available in other homes and is worth the extra money; however the chances of that being true is rare. Remember: if your home is priced properly, it will sell; if it isn’t, it won’t.

  2. Don’t leave a mess behindMake sure to take the extra time to prepare your home for a showing. Homebuyers visualize how they will live in a home and if that space is cluttered, it makes it difficult for buyers to see themselves living there. Cleaning up doesn’t stop after the showings either; make sure the house is cleaned up upon moving out too.

  3. Don’t stay for showings or open housesWho knows more about the bestselling features of a house than the homeowner? That may be true, but hanging around during showings and open houses may have a negative effect. Having the homeowner present during a showing or open house actually makes buyers feel uncomfortable and may make them want to leave quickly. Because serious buyers want to fully examine a home by opening doors and looking through cabinets, they may feel uncomfortable if the home seller is present, no matter how nice you may be.

  4. Don’t walk away from an offer because of a couple thousand dollarsAfter all the showings and open houses, you’ve finally received an offer but it’s less than your asking price. After negotiating with the buyer’s agent, the final agreement is reached and it’s still a few thousand dollars short. Do you try to squeeze a little more and risk having to agree on more credit towards closing to close the deal? If you really want to sell your home, don’t try to “buy your house back” because of a few thousand dollars.

Let us know if you have any other tips…