6 Reasons to Buy a New Home in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is a preferred home buying location for many working professionals. The Valley is experiencing an ongoing economic boom. Study shows that more companies are seeking office and research space in Silicon Valley during the early stages of 2016 than a year ago. If you’ve found a job in the tech industry, you might want to start thinking about buying a new home in Silicon Valley. With skyrocketing rents in the area, it might make more financial sense for you to buy a home. Here are a few reasons why people decide to settle down in Silicon Valley.

  1. Opportunities for growth
    The innovative legacy of Silicon Valley has made the area a haven for learning and development. A number of great schools and universities can be found here. You will be glad to start your life in this area where talent is cultivated and nurtured. Whether you’re eyeing for a job at Menlo Park or Palo Alto, it makes sense to live near your workplace.
  2. Short travel time
    With the wealth of job prospects in Silicon Valley, it is generally wiser to move closer to your place of work. Residents usually take their cars or bike around the hills to get to their offices. With the short distance from company buildings, living in Silicon Valley saves you time that is wasted from long commutes.
  3. Nature
    Silicon Valley is not all about work. Along with entertainment areas, health facilities, and other commercial institutions, there are scenic spots to enjoy as well. Marvel at the lush golf courses in Santa Clara County, or view the majestic hills and valleys in San Jose. Stroll through the orchards in Sunnyvale, or along its clean rivers and waterways.
  4. Charming neighborhoods
    The suburbs within Silicon Valley are fairly safe and well planned. You may find that most communities are generally quiet and peaceful, making it the perfect place to relax after a tiring day at work.
  5. Sunny, warm weather
    The favorable, warm climate is one of Silicon Valley’s secrets in getting more work done. It is easier to get around in sunny weather. You can always take a leisurely walk along its parks, museums, and recreational centers at any time of the year.
  6. Cultural diversity
    Silicon Valley is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world. Its rich technological history has attracted some of the finest talents all across the globe. Hence, you can explore varied tastes, sounds, art, and lifestyle through its restaurants, events, and attractions.

We have 3 communities coming in late 2016 to Silicon Valley: Tanglewood and The Residences at Whisman in Mountain View and Saratoga Lane in Saratoga.

If you still have questions about whether you should buy a new home in Silicon Valley, contact SummerHill Homes and we’ll walk you through the home buying process.

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