Meet Me in the Supermarket Aisle

I was shopping in the supermarket near my house over the weekend, stocking up on dinner for the week… walking around in my comfy clothes and perusing up and down the aisles trying to see what would strike my interest for my family and I to enjoy.  I happened to be wearing my SummerHill Homes sweatshirt that morning.

In the produce/vegetable aisle, a lady came up to me and said “SummerHill Homes!  My aunt owns one in San Bruno!  Are you a homeowner too?”

I shared with her her that I was a proud employee of SummerHill Homes and currently work in the Warranty Department.  She told me in exactly these words “You guys do beautiful work!  One day I hope I can own a SummerHill Home!”

She put a smile on my face and as I made my way towards the dairy aisle, I noticed myself standing a bit taller.

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