Another Camp Out at Parkwood – Yes, Really

About a month ago, we were amazed about a camp out for the Redwood Collection sales release at Parkwood in San Jose.  Several homebuyers were eager to select their new home in this morning’s Garden Collection sales release that they too camped out.Camping chairs in front of the Parkwood sales office

We thought it would be great to treat the homebuyers to doughnuts and coffee, so I visited Parkwood ithis morning.  And, I was delighted to have a chance to talk with the newest members of our SummerHill family.

Wow, the energy was fun around the coffee table this morning.   Homebuyers enjoyed doughnuts, tasty Persian treats, and  warm Apple ebelskivers – a delicious small pancake filled with apples from one of the homebuyer’s realtor.Enjoying coffee and doughnuts at Parkwood.

Everyone seemed to know each other well, which is great since they will be neighbors soon.  Check out more photos on Parkwood’s Facebook page.

I got a chance to talk to two of the new homebuyers on camera: Peter and Soroush.

A few people didn’t want to go on camera after being up all night, which I think is totally understandable.   I certainly wouldn’t go on camera after that little sleep, so I also spoke with a few people off camera to hear what they had to say about Parkwood.

A  father and daughter shared that she had been looking at properties around the Bay Area for about a year.  The tax credits motivated her to consider buying a new home now.  Even though the California tax credit is already gone, she said low interest rates and write offs made the timing right for her.

“I am looking forward to having my own place.” she said  “I liked the location, because I grew up in Los Gatos and Parkwood is as close as you can get to Los Gatos without paying Los Gatos prices. It’s only a few minutes away from my parents.”

Her dad added, “We really liked the location,” then he shared, “I am ready for a nap, because I didn’t get much sleep with people talking so late.”  I sure hope he enjoyed much deserved rest this afternoon.

Jamie, a first-time homebuyer, was with her mother, future mother-in-law and realtor.  She and her fiance put a hold on her new home this morning.  They had been looking for about 6 to 8 months.

She shared her reasons for choosing Parkwood, “The location is great, good construction, and the models. It’s my first home and I am looking forward to decorating it. I am exhausted, but excited.”

The highlight of my day was when I offered to take her, her family and realtor to tour her new home.  Her mom was snapping photos away as Jamie got to open the door for the first time.

She had never been inside her new home just the models, so it was exciting to watch as she checked out the home.  She really likes the walk-in closet in the master bedroom, the view of the park, and the windows over the sink in the kitchen.

Her mom and future mother-in-law were already chiming in with ideas about what options they should choose. I think she is looking forward to making their selections for flooring and countertops at the Design Studio to fit their lifestyle.

Getting a glimpse of her excitement as she saw her first new home for the first time was a great way to spend a Saturday!

John, a prospective homebuyer, works for a major tech company in Silicon Valley.  He didn’t camp out last night as he is most interested in the final release, but was there this morning to be a back-up for this release.  He mentioned that he has met several homeowners at Parkwood that also work for the same company.

Parkwood homeowners welcome to the SummerHill family!