LOST buying a home?

Have you ever noticed how on the ABC network show LOST, things seem to be going well, when all of a sudden Hurley finds the metal spaceship underground and becomes obsessed, Kate has debilitating flashbacks of her previous life, and Sayid gets caught in a primitive leg trap hanging upside down from a tree; all these things are interesting and captivating, but none of these conditions help them get off the damn island?

Well that’s kind of like buying a house. (stay with me here… it makes sense).

You’re looking for a new home and everything is going fine, when you find the “home of your dreams”. It doesn’t matter that its way out of your price range because you l-o-v-e it and refuse to look at anything else. How do you break the spell? Realize that the home of your dreams is going to be a home you can afford. It may not be the perfect floor plan or have all the right appliances, but it probably has the important features. Focus on the location, schools, yard (or if you prefer, lack thereof), and price.

Kate’s debilitating flashbacks sound a lot like “Well my LAST house had…” Got news for ya, life is all about change so excited about the opportunities a new home presents. For example: Maybe it doesn’t have a walk in closet; get excited to minimize and improve your wardrobe. Maybe it has a small yard; get excited to garden. Maybe it only has a 1 car garage, get excited to be eco-friendly and probably a lot healthier. Again, focus on the most important aspects of your new home, and the rest can be readily appreciated with the slightest change of perspective.

Foreclosures are the primitive leg tie of the home buying industry. You’re trotting along the home buying path thinking everything is fine and dandy when BAM! You’re caught hanging upside down with termites, dry rot, or heaven forbid water damage. Sure, foreclosures can be a great deal, but more often than not, the homebuyer is left hanging with costly repairs for everything from missing toilets to missing floors. If you don’t have the time or money for these unexpected catastrophes, I recommend buying new. Aside from predictability, buying new has benefits like: great new appliances, energy efficiency, and great warranty service.

So enjoy the home buying journey by avoiding the ruts of strict requirements, the slippery slope of status quo and leg ties of cheap buys.

And now having sufficiently ruined this week’s mindless television for you… Happy Friday!