Home Sweet Home

Just got back from a trip across the pond and it is always nice to come home.  Being away enhances all that the Bay Area has to offer.  A day trip to San Francisco can offer all sorts of entertainment in less than an hour drive from many of our communities – that’s a whole lot shorter than a 10 hour flight!

Bundle up and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate the Warming Hut at Chrissy Field.

Take a walk thru the Ferry Building Marketplace to enjoy every food connoisseurs heaven: fresh fish at Ferry Plaza Seafood, decadent chocolate at Recchiuti, wines from near and far at Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant, tea at Imperial Tea Court, even pretty darn good pain au chocolat at Acme, the local fromagerie (Cow Girl Creamery) offers heavenly cheese plus many other options for dining and sumptuous food.

Another great find for a morning treat is Tartine Bakery in the Mission, also the purveyor of delicious croissants, cafe creme, pain au chocolat and many other decadent treats – depending on the time of day, you may have to wait a bit.

Or a little further away, enjoy a day trip to Napa or Sonoma where there are even more opportunities to get lost for awhile.  Napa’s downtown is undergoing renovation with plenty of cafes to enjoy.  Plus there is the Oxbox Public Market, which is much like the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco.  In Sonoma, the Plaza is the place to be with so many restaurants and brasseries tucked away on side streets plus bed and breakfasts abound to make it a overnight getaway.

So get out the local guidebooks and take a getaway close to home, you’ll be sure to enjoy great finds.

Any other great tips for a local getaway?  Share, share away.