Cash for Clunkers Is Back, but This Time It’s for Your Old Appliance

Did you know that California is giving away free money? And it’s not just on insulation, windows or HVAC equipment. Beginning April 22, 2010 you can receive CA rebates for items such as refrigerators, and washers that are Energy Star approved. The trick is to hold out on your appliance purchase until after April 22nd of this year to get the refund.

Think how much you could save on those PG&E bills and water bills. If your washer is 10 years old you are going to use approx. 32% less energy and 43% less water and refrigerators will use 40% less energy.  This alone is a sizable savings.

Alas this won’t work for a new home purchase, but if you’re looking to upgrade your appliances in a home that you’ve lived in awhile, be sure to check out information on this program here: