Have you heard? We’ve Moved! (First post by our CEO!)

SummerHill Homes has been based in Palo Alto for over 30 years.  We have a historical tie and firm relationships that we will continue to foster to build more new homes on the Peninsula.

While we’ve always had a strong base on the Peninsula, our move to San Ramon is to recognize that we build throughout the Bay Area.

It may come as a surprise that we’ve moved to San Ramon, but we’ve actually had a satellite office in San Ramon for over 10 years.  For many years, this office served principally for our land acquisition team.

In early 2009, I moved some key personnel with me to our previous San Ramon office as I sought to reduce my own commute.

When I first came to work at SummerHill, I lived in corporate housing in Palo Alto during the week then went home to my real home in the wine country on the weekend.  This simply wasn’t sustainable for me, so part of this move was also to reduce my own commute.

This first move meant that our team was split between two offices.  It was a temporary solution.

When it came time to renew our lease in San Ramon, I found that the quality of space available in San Ramon would allow us to bring the entire team together.  I made the decision to move the rest of our team from Palo Alto to San Ramon.

In evaluating this move, we researched employees home addresses and existing commute times to ensure that it wouldn’t be too much of a burden on our employees.  Indeed, a few employees will still work out of the Palo Alto office as their homes are quite close to that office.

This move also helps our team to work together closely.  Having the team split up for over 18 months was challenging, so we are very happy to be under one roof again.

Our new location in San Ramon is centrally located to ensure that we will continue to build homes throughout the Bay Area.