New Year’s Real Estate Round Up

The LA Times reports:  When will housing come back in California? Five experts offer their views. Foreclosures in the state are still high. Sales of new homes are at historic lows. And millions of homeowners are underwater on their mortgages. So what’s the outlook for 2011 and beyond? - Well if this story is any indicator, the outlook ahead is still to be determined as five experts offer very different views.  Part of the recovery does seem to be hinged on location, the adage location, location, location is more important now than ever.  At SummerHill, we continue to be focused on the locations where we plan to build new communities.

Sarah Yaussi of Big Builder shares insight about changes made by a Southern California builder to boost customer care by adding value to home designs: Builders begin to apply customer care insights to home design.  - This is something that we’re also doing at SummerHill, refining our designs based on customer feedback from GuildQuality surveys.  How would you like to see home designs and features improved to make your homebuying experience better?

Big Builder also reports on the upcoming grand openings of new communities across the nation as we approach the Spring selling season.  Read more from John McManus in: Builders ante up in the high-stakes game of new communities.  – SummerHill will be opening The Enclave at Waverly Park in Mountain View in a few months plus we are working on several other communities to open later this year.  We are certainly seeing the market around us become more scarce as more and more communities sell out.

Pending home sales rose again in November 2010, with the broad trend over the past five months indicating a gradual recovery into 2011, according to the National Association of REALTORS. - Hopefully this means more good news ahead!

And, wrapping up the Real Estate Round Up, Yahoo reports:  Average rate on 30-year mortgage up to 4.86 pct. - Mortgage rates are still at historical lows even with a bump up in the interest rates.  Our preferred lenders, can help you navigate the best interest rate for you.