From our CEO: Robert’s Blog about Wine

As many of you are aware, I like to drink wine. Because I like to drink wine, I decided that I needed to have lots of wine available to satisfy my wine drinking habit.

Yes indeed, I needed to have lots of red wine, lots of white wine, a little of the bubbly and even some rose colored stuff. This thirst for wine (no pun intended) has in turn resulted in my accumulation of a wine cellar filled with several thousand bottles.

Now that I have accumulated this large wine collection, many people tend to assume that I must be very knowledgeable about wine….a true connoisseur. The simple truth is I that I cannot relate to most wine reviews.

When the wine is described as subtle, yet enticing with hints of black cherry, tobacco and lead pencil….I think it sounds like a snooty person describing a lousy tasting vino. If the wine in question was described as tasting good, I would be just fine.

So now you know that I am not a wine snob and I have definitely spent way too much money on my wine collection. By now you also should be wondering what all of this nonsense is about? Some time ago Allison asked me to write a “wine blog” and for the life of me I could not figure out what to write.

Then the thought occurred to me that you might enjoy my “Top Ten List” for why I drink wine:

10.  I like to drink wine because beer makes me burp.
9.  I like to drink wine because marijuana makes me paranoid and sleepy (and no I didn’t inhale the one time that I tried it.).
8. I like to drink wine because I always think that I get better looking after 3 or 4 glasses.
7. I like to drink wine because vodka can be made from anything from potatoes to old shoes so how can you trust it.
6. I like to drink wine because life can be really hard if you stay sober every day.
5. I like to drink red wine because it does not go well with fish and my wife says I smell funny if I eat fish.
4. I like to drink champagne because I get some really good burps (please ignore the conflict with number 10 on my list).
3. I like to drink white wine before I eat and since I cannot drink red wine if I eat fish and because fish makes me smell funny then I end up getting to drink a lot more then I was supposed to.
2. I like to drink rose just to remind me that I like white and red wine better then rose.
1. And the number 1 reason I like to drink wine is………. because it tastes good!

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