Stylish Ways to Decorate with Mirrors

Mirrors are capable of doing more than just reflecting light; they can make a space look larger and brighter, and create a beautiful focal point in any room. Thanks to the many available shapes, sizes, and styles, mirrors are the perfect accessory for every home!

There’s no wrong way to decorate with mirrors but here are a few stylish ways you can make a statement with mirrors in your home.

Hang outside

Placing a mirror outside can make your deck or patio feel like an actual room. Another bonus: at night, it will reflect any light, turning your outdoor space into a lovely spot.

Lean into it

If you want to make a big visual impact or add depth into a room, lean an oversized mirror against a wall. The reflection will make the room look and feel larger. We recommend placing the mirror opposite a window to make the most out of natural light.

Top it off

Lean a large mirror against a wall or placed on top of a table or console. You can create your own vanity table or add visual interest in the bedroom by placing them on top of nightstands.

Create a gallery wall

Mirrors make an unexpected and welcomed addition to gallery wall displays, serving as a focal point. Create a cohesive look by choosing a mirror that’s similar to your picture frames.  Another option is to create an entire display of multiple mirrors.

One-of-a-kind headboard

Instead of using a traditional headboard, consider placing a pair of mirrors (or one large one) above the bed. It’s a good idea to secure these to the wall!

Mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture can bring in fresh energy and glamour to a room. Keep things looking chic by selecting a single mirrored piece to decorate the space. You don’t want your room to look like a disco ball!

Every well-designed home can benefit from decorating with mirrors. These practical and stylish accents are fantastic decorative additions to your home décor.

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