How to Create a Coffee Bar at Home

Do you drink coffee? If you have a multiple-cup-a-day habit, then an at-home coffee station is a must-have. With a little bit of planning, you can elevate your daily coffee experience without breaking the bank. If life begins after coffee, here are our top tips for creating an at-home coffee station.

Pick your spot

Take a look in your home and figure out where you have space for a coffee station. Pick a spot that has plenty of room for your essential tools and is away from the cleanup and cooking zones in the kitchen. It’s helpful if it’s within easy access to outlets, the sink, and trash cans so you can quickly refill kettles or water tanks and toss filters without needing to carry them across the room. You can use a standalone cart or repurpose a dresser or sideboard if your counter space is accounted for.

Place your coffee maker

The coffee machine is the star of the space. After choosing the location of your coffee bar, place your coffee machine. Make sure there’s plenty of clearance so you have full access to the machine. If you use additional appliances, like a milk frother or coffee grinder, place them nearby so you can easily grab them when you need them.

Create plenty of storage

You’ll need storage space for your supporting items: mugs, tools, and supplies. The goal is to keep everything you need (that doesn’t require refrigeration) to make your coffee within easy reach.

There are several ways to store mugs. If your coffee station is on the counter, placing your mugs in nearby cabinets makes perfect sense. You can also get creative with your cup storage. One popular way is to hang them, whether from a wire drying rack, beneath some shelving, or a set of wall hooks. Another option is stacking if your mugs easily and securely stack. If you have a few mugs or some favorite mugs, you can display them in a row on your counter or an open shelf.

Store all your coffee and tea (or other hot beverage) ingredients within reach of your coffee station. Store coffee, loose tea, and sugar in air-tight canisters with scoops. Remove coffee pods and tea bags from the original box and place them in decorative boxes to keep your coffee station from looking cluttered.

Personalize your space

Now for the fun stuff! It’s time to add a personal touch to your new coffee station. Work in fun pops of color and add decorative accents like plants or art prints, display your favorite mugs; anything that makes you smile first thing in the morning.

Having an at-home coffee station is a game-changer. It’s an attainable bit of luxury that lets you enjoy the café feel without leaving the comforts of home.

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