5 Tips to Create a Relaxing Bedroom

Most rooms in your home are a constant buzz of activity, but your bedroom should be where you can truly relax and unwind after a long and busy day. It’s the one space in your home that is designed to calm and comfort you. Thankfully you don’t need to overhaul your bedroom or spend a fortune creating a personal retreat. You can create a more relaxing bedroom that will leave you feeling restored with a few key updates.

Remove clutter

There’s a good reason why you feel overwhelmed or anxious when walking into a messy room. Our senses become overwhelmed as we attempt to process everything when things are in disarray. This makes it difficult for you to truly feel relaxed and peaceful.

Tidy up your room and remove excess clutter to reduce the chances of constantly thinking of your to-do list. Go through your room, removing anything that belongs in another room. Get rid of anything you don’t love or use anymore. You’ll probably start feeling calmer as you declutter!

Invest in a good mattress

A good night’s rest starts with your bed. If you can splurge on just one thing in your bedroom, it should be the mattress. It’s often the difference between sleeping soundly or spending the night tossing and turning. The mattress is your most used piece of furniture so getting the best you can afford is key to a proper night’s rest. Find one that gives you the proper support you need. If a new mattress isn’t in the budget just yet, add additional support and comfort to your current mattress with a mattress topper.

Choose a calming color palette

Cooler, calmer colors are ideal for the bedroom instead of bold energic ones. Cool shades like blue, green, lilac, and some grays promote rest and peace. Mid-tone and pastel shades are good options to add a bit of color without overwhelming the senses.

Keep work out of the bedroom

It can be difficult to leave work at the office but try your best to avoid doing any work in the bedroom. If possible, avoid having a workstation set up in the bedroom. If you must work in your bedroom, set up a dedicated space away from the bed to work. Most importantly, find ways to signal the end of the workday, like packing up your computer and storing all of your work equipment. This will help reinforce the bedroom as your sanctuary for rest and relaxation instead of being associated with work and stress.

Select adjustable lighting

Good lighting in your bedroom is a must. Natural light is always best but you’ll need to rely on additional lighting options once the sun sets. Create lighting layers that can be changed according to the time of day. Layer overhead ceiling lights with soft, soothing lamps near the bed to create an ideal atmosphere for the bedroom in the evening hours.

With these tips, you can create a personal sanctuary away from the hustle-and-bustle of the rest of your house.

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