From Holidays to Winter: A Guide to Transitioning Your Decorations

The holidays are over, and as much as we enjoyed the festive spirit and the decorations that came along with it, it’s time to take them down. But that doesn’t mean your home has to look bare and uninspiring. It’s time to transition your decorations from the holidays to winter.

Whether you’re a die-hard Christmas decorator or someone looking to add some cozy winter touches to your home, keep reading for inspiration on how to decorate your home for the winter season.

Swap out your holiday accents

When it comes to Christmas décor, red and green are staple colors, but they can clash with winter aesthetics. After the holiday season has ended, give your home a more neutral look by removing the glittery, over-the-top décor you used for your Christmas decorations. Use simple white lights, candles, and greenery to create an ambiance that is cozy and welcoming.

Keep it cozy

Winter is all about warmth, so adding some cozy touches to your home is a must. This is a great opportunity to embrace Hygge. Hygge, (pronounced Hoogah) is the Danish concept of creating a cozy environment during the winter season. You can create Hygge by adding comfortable textiles like cable knit, faux fur, or wool to add warmth and softness to your space. You can also light candles and display items that spark joy.

Fresh winter greens

Adding natural elements is a great way to create a winter feeling in your home. Plants and greenery add life to any space. Incorporating fresh winter greens like pine boughs, spruce, and fir can elevate your winter decor. Some other seasonal greens to consider adding are eucalyptus, bay leaves, and olive branches. These types of green will work well with winter decor and can add a bit of texture to your home.

Add warm lighting

As the evenings are longer and the days are shorter, make sure lighting is a priority when transitioning your home to winter décor. Light scented candles, string up LED light strands, or swap out lightbulbs for warmer tones. A well-lit home is essential for keeping the ambiance warm and welcoming.

Add metallic touches

While the holidays may be over, you can still add some glimmer and shine to your decor. Incorporate some metallic touches into your space with silver or gold accents, candleholders, or table settings. This simple touch can add some luxury and glamour to your home.

Focus on colors and textures

Adding darker colors and rich textures to your home can help you achieve a cozy winter feel. Think about adding darker red, green, blue, and brown hues to complement the winter vibes. Rich textures such as velvet, suede, and wool can also add that cozy texture that will make you feel at home during the colder months.

The arrival of the new year brings an opportunity to transition your decorations from holiday to winter. By using these simple yet stylish winter décor tips, you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, ideal for cozy winter nights.

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