Smart Ways to Store Holiday Decorations

The holidays are a wonderful time of year, filled with family, friends, good food, and beautiful decorations. But once the season is over it’s time to take down all those fun and festive decorations and store them away until next year. Storing holiday decorations can be a challenge, especially with limited storage space. That’s why we’ve put together a list of smart ways to store your holiday decorations, so you can keep them organized, easily accessible, and in good condition for many seasons to come.

Use clear plastic containers

One of the most popular ways to store decorations is using clear plastic containers. They’re durable, stackable, and keep your items visible. You can easily see what’s inside without having to open every container. Plus, they’re readily available at most stores, so you don’t have to look too far. You can use a variety of sizes to accommodate different types of decorations, and label each container accordingly (more on this later).

You can also use specialty storage containers for specific decorations such as ornament boxes, wreath holders, and Christmas tree bags. Look for storage solutions that are durable and well-made to ensure they last for many seasons to come. Avoid using cardboard boxes as they can deteriorate or become a target for pests.

Label everything for easy identification

Make sure to label your containers properly. This will make future unpacking a breeze, and you will quickly find what you need. You can label by item type or room, depending on your preference. You can even color-coordinate containers and labels for each section of your home. Include a brief description of the items inside each container. Labels will streamline the unpacking process and eliminate confusion in the future.

Wrap ornaments carefully

Ornaments are usually delicate, and you wouldn’t want them to break when storing them. Wrap them securely with tissue paper or bubble wrap to protect them from getting scratched or broken. You can also use egg cartons to store small ornaments.

Keep lights untangled

Lights can be a nightmare to untangle if not stored correctly. This is where a cord winder or cord reel comes in handy. You can wind the cord around it to avoid tangling. Alternatively, you can wrap the lights around cardboard and store them in a plastic container.

Store decorations in a dry, cool place

The location of your storage is just as important as your packing. You want to choose a storage area that is clean, dry, and secure. Avoid areas of the house that are subject to dampness, heat, or other environmental hazards. Consider investing or renting space in a storage unit if you have a lot of decorations that take up space in your home. Additionally, when planning the location, think ahead and place items you will need first in an easily accessible area.

Purge and donate unwanted decorations

It’s important to take stock of your holiday decorations each year and purge any items that are broken, outdated, or simply no longer bring you joy. You can donate unwanted decorations to a local charity or thrift store, or even host a holiday decoration swap party with friends and family to give your unwanted items a new home.

Planning for next year’s decor

Before packing it all up, begin thinking about next year’s holiday decorations. Make a list of items you need to replace, items you would like to add, and anything else you feel would be valuable in the next season. Use your packing and organizing methods to help you keep the decorating process efficient next year.

Storing holiday decorations doesn’t have to be a headache. With a little planning and a few helpful tips, you can easily streamline the process and make decorating next year a breeze.

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