Satake Grand Opening and a little jack

A beautiful, sunny Saturday morning in Mountain View… really Mountain View? Yep! Such a peaceful, quiet neighborhood, you could literally hear the birds chirping. It was such a nice morning that our superintendent Mike, brought his dog Jack to visit too! (this is my 1st attempt at video- check it out with sound, worth a smile) Satake Grand Opening and Jack

But things weren’t quiet for long… we had over 200 people attend the event, so it got noisy pretty fast! Lance (our fav marketing guy) said, “I had a good time Saturday, it’s always rewarding to see years of hard work result in a successful grand opening. I was surprised how many people were there. Debbie was so busy that she didn’t even recognize who I was, and offered me a brochure and asked if I had any questions.” Ah well, it happens to the best of us Lance.

Time to see it for yourself- it’s only 2 models, so it won’t take long, but be sure to save time to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at Satake Estates.