Gunn High Students Taking Photos of Redwood Gate Today

Lance and Elissa have been working really hard on a new partnership with Gunn High School.  They’ve teamed with Jennifer Hogan, the photography teacher at Gunn High and professional photographer, on a special new project that we’re very excited about.

The students will be taking photos at Redwood Gate of the models and community!

The students visited about a week ago and enjoyed a pizza party to brainstorm how to take the photos of the community.  We’re not sure what they planned, but Jennifer mentioned some pretty creative ideas before the pizza party.

Today everyone is on-site for the big photo shoot!  We are eagerly anticipating the photos from the students – to see the creativity from the students.  Maybe they’ll even take some photos of the park that is almost complete.

We thought this would be a great way to give back to the community that we’re building in, since families at Redwood Gate will one day have students attending Gunn.

When we learned that they had photography equipment stolen this spring, we were even more excited about this partnership.  With our donation to the photography program, they’ll be able to replace equipment and learn even more about photography next year!

This is a learning experience for all of us and we’re excited to share the photos which will be posted on our Facebook page and also displayed in the models at Redwood Gate soon.

Elissa has the Flip video again today, so I am sure that we will see some new video footage.  Although Jack will probably not make another appearance….