Interview: President and CEO of SummerHill

Based on the interviews by: by Tom Blue

Interview with Robert Freed, President and CEO of  SummerHill Homes

1. What do you do?

We build quality homes in the highly desirable Bay Area

2. Who are your competitors? (just the names)

KB, Warmington, Lennar, etc.

3. What makes you different than your competitors?

We are a privately held builder, our products and our employees are handpicked. We are able to give individual attention to each and every homebuyer.

4. What are your or your ceo’s biggest challenges?

As I look forward from today, I view our biggest challenge to be securing high-quality properties that have the potential to be developed with profit margins that are in line with the high level of risk that exists in the marketplace.
5. Which marketing tactic/strategy has produced the most leads/revenue for your company?  E.G. A PR Campaign, Please be specific as our users want to know how to grow their own business.

Using the web. Spending well allocated and tracked dollars on Google, SEO, Yahoo, etc and having an interactive concierge that allows potential buyers immediate access to any information they need.

6. How long have you been in business?

We were established in 1976. We are the homebuilding division of the Marcus and Millichap Company and our headquarters are still locally based in Palo Alto, CA

7. How many employees do you have?

We have 73 employees

8. Have you had any new press recently?  E.G. Announced a partnership, a new big customer, etc.

We had  press recently stating that we are collecting food for local food banks. Since we live in the areas we build, we want to support our local neighborhoods.