Oh iPad

All of this talk about the iPad2 selling out by Sunday morning makes us wish we waited just a little longer to get our first company iPad.

We are set to use our first iPad (an iPad1) in a sales office at The Enclave at Waverly Park in a few weeks.  Guests will be able to sign-up to receive an ebrochure.  Plus we’ve loaded it with photos.  Oh, and our website is formatted for iPad viewing too!  (check it out from your iPad)

We’d love to be able to use even more features on the iPad – like viewing our smartPLANs, but it would need to have Flash, hint, hint Apple.  If you haven’t played with the floorplans at our communities on our website, it’s a must.

Instead of trying to envision how an option will fit into the floorplan (yes, we know it is confusing in a brochure to try and figure out just how that option fits), so try our website where with a click of a button you can see the Den in place if the Bedroom 4 at The Enclave at Waverly Park.

What would you like to see on an iPad?