Support Public Education with DonorsChoose

SummerHill Homes has a long history of supporting the local community and charitable organizations. We’re honored to give back to the community that gives so much to us. Recently, our president, Robert Freed, had the opportunity to fund a classroom project through the innovative crowdfunding platform, DonorsChoose.

Since over 94% of teachers purchase supplies for their classrooms with their own money, DonorsChoose bridges the gap to school funding for teachers.

What’s DonorsChoose?

DonorsChoose is nonprofit organization focused on connecting public school teachers with donors all over the nation to raise funds for classroom projects, field trips, and more.  DonorsChoose was started by a former public school teacher who understands the difficulty teachers face in getting the supplies they need

How does DonorsChoose work?

What makes DonorsChoose different from most crowdfunding platforms is that they’re involved every step of the way: they review each request, purchase the items once the project is funded, and ship materials directly to the school. Each donor receives a thank you note and report on how each dollar was spent.

Impact of DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose’s impact has been immense since their founding in 2000:

  • Over $9 million has been donated
  • 1,557,129 projects have been funded
  • 83% of all public schools in America have at least one teacher who posted a project
  • Over 4 million citizens have donated, most of whom were first-time givers to public schools
  • Over 37 million students have benefitted

How you can help

We encourage you to check out DonorsChoose to learn more about the organization and the available projects in your area. Our teachers work hard to provide an engaging and enriching learning environment for our children. We fully believe every student deserves to have a quality education.

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