Tips for Hosting a Housewarming Party

It finally happened: you’ve found your dream home! Buying and moving into a new home can be an overwhelming process so it’s natural to want to celebrate once the last box is unpacked. Perhaps your friends and family are asking when they can come over to see your new place or you’re looking for a way to meet your new neighbors. What better way to celebrate your new home than inviting everyone over for a little fun?

Housewarming parties are supposed to bring good luck to you and your new home. They’re also a great excuse to gather your friends and family

If you’re ready to “warm your house” with your favorite people, here’s everything you need to know to successfully throw a housewarming party.

Decide what kind of party you want

The first step to hosting a party is deciding what kind of party you want to have. Thankfully housewarming parties are some of the simplest parties to organize. They’re traditionally informal and intended for your closest friends and family. However, your party can be as casual or fancy as your heart desires!

The type of party you have is entirely up to you. It can be a casual affair with light refreshments with an open-door policy so people can come and go throughout the day. This is a great option so you don’t have to worry about hosting a large group of people all at once or if you have a smaller home. Or perhaps you’d prefer something more elaborate like a formal dinner party.

Select your guestlist

Your housewarming party should be a combination of your closest friends and family, as well as close coworkers and even your new neighbors. Inviting your neighbors is a great way to break the ice and establish new friendships.

Provide refreshments

It’s not much of a party without good food and drinks! Let the vibe of your party dictate the menu. If you’re having a more formal party, consider serving heartier food or even having it catered. For the more casual party, keep the menu simple with items that can be easily carried around (think appetizers!) or even make it a group effort and have a potluck.

Offer to give tours

Housewarming parties are usually the first-time family and friends come to your new home, so be sure to give them a tour! Everyone will be curious to see your new place so be sure to have your home ready for viewing. You can lead guests around as they arrive or in smaller groups throughout the party, or let them wander around on their own.

Presence is a present

Housewarming parties aren’t traditionally gift-giving events. A guest may opt to bring a small celebratory gift but don’t expect them from everyone. This is an occasion where the presence and good wishes of your loved ones is a true gift!

These tips will help you plan and host a housewarming party everyone will enjoy. Ultimately, remember that everyone is there to celebrate this new milestone and are excited and happy to mark the occasion with you.

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