Spare Room? Here’s how to use it

Have you upsized your home or had a kid finally move out so now you have some extra space? You may be wondering what to do with this newfound space.

Don’t let that spare room turn into a nebulous dumping ground for all your stuff. While you can always use an extra bedroom as a guest bedroom or home office (or combine it with one of the options below), here are some other smart and inspiring ways to use that extra space. Here’s a bonus: some of these ideas can be used for an extra nook as well!

Private lounge

Transform a spare room in a secluded spot in your home into a private lounge that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day or even a relaxing nap area. With some comfy chairs, pillows, and blankets, you can experience pure bliss in moments.

At home bar and lounge

Do you enjoy hosting a few friends or unwind with a cocktail at the end of a long week? Turning an extra room into a private bar is a fun option. Set up an island with bar stools, plenty of storage, and you’ll have a swanky space your guests will love to gather and mingle.

Personal Library or reading room

Convert that extra space into a personal library and reading room. Set up the room to include proper lighting and comfortable seating. Whether you use a few freestanding bookcases or invest in custom built-ins, the bookworm in your life will be eternally grateful for a quiet and peaceful place to get lost in the pages of a book.

Music or recording room

Are you a musician? Do you love creating new beats or maybe want to start a podcast? A dedicated space for your musical pursuits could be the perfect option. Fill your chosen space with the instruments you play or with your recording equipment and get ready to make some beautiful sounds!

Pro tip: consider investing in sound-proofing so you can jam out without disturbing your family.

Yoga or meditation space

Create a calm retreat for your daily moment of Zen. This space can be used for clearing your head, quiet reflection, praying, or stretching. This style room doesn’t need too much and can be as simple as floor cushions, throw pillows, or your yoga mat and additional gear.

How will you use your extra room?

There’s almost no limit to the ways you can use an extra bedroom. You can even combine some of these options to create the ultimate living space that suits your needs.

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