How to Prepare Your Kids for a Move

No one enjoys moving – it’s the means to an end. While every move comes with opportunities to create new memories in a new place, it can also be stressful; especially for kids when they didn’t make the decision to move in the first place. Taking time to openly talk to your kids about your impending move can make the transition more palatable. Here are a few more tips you can use to help your kids mentally and emotionally prepare to move into a new home.

Talk about what’s happening

Moving affects the entire family. That’s why you should be prepared to discuss the possibility of moving as soon as possible. Share your reasoning and process behind the decision, which can help build your child’s ability to process and make a difficult decision.

Once the move is settled, talk about it often in an exciting and casual way. This normalizes the move and gives them the time they need to emotionally prepare and even look forward to the move.

Validate their feelings

Moving and leaving behind the life they know is tough. You kids may be grieving leaving behind their room, friends, and other things they love about their neighborhood. Allow your kids to be upset and talk to them about how the move makes them feel. And don’t take it personally if your kid is angry and takes it out on you! It’s all part of the grieving process.

As you’re talking with them, be sure to also talk about things they can look forward to doing in the new house. Be honest and open about your feelings as well.

Let them make some decisions

Kids like to feel involved but feel very powerless in this situation. Let them make some choices so they can feel in charge. Let them choose their bedroom in the new home, which toys or belongings to pack, contribute to the list of “must-haves” in the new house, or even plan the decorations in their new room. They will love getting to make these decisions and will get excited about the move.

Help them picture their new life

Paint a picture of your kids’ new life in your new home. Visit the new home if possible and walk around so they can get familiar with it. Show them around the neighborhood, pointing out where they can play or enjoy their favorite activities. If you’re moving within the same city, you can show them how they can still participate in extracurriculars or clubs. If you’re moving to a new city, sign up for similar activities so they can jump back to their regular routine and begin making new friends.   

Give it time and stay positive

Kids respond differently to changes to be patient as they work through their emotions and feelings. Continue to set healthy and appropriate limits during their adjustment period and regularly check in on them.

You should also try to maintain a positive attitude. Kids take emotional cues from their parents so they often mirror your emotions. That means if you’re stressed, they will be as well. This doesn’t mean to hide how you’re feeling and faking it, but it does mean balancing how you feel with modeling the behavior you want your kids to exhibit.

Change can be both exciting and scary. We hope these tips help you prepare your kids for this exciting transition and look forward to making new memories in their new home. You may even find these tips helpful for you as well!

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