Tips for Hosting the Best Labor Day BBQ

Labor Day weekend is here! Time to kick back and relax and enjoy the final weeks of Summer with friends and family. These days, long weekends mean one thing: BBQs. If you’re hosting your own BBQ this Labor Day, here are five tips for hosting the perfect Labor Day BBQ without all the hard work:

  1. Know who you’re feeding

    When you’re planning your menu, know the people you’re going to be feeding. While most people think burgers and hot dogs when they think of BBQ, diets can vary wildly so always try to have some other options, like chicken or fish, for people who may not want to eat red meat.

  2. Have a menu game plan

    Don’t go into the day without a plan! Figure out what you menu will be – if you will be providing the main dish and have your guests to round out the meal by bringing side dishes (if you go this route, make sure request people bring specific items so you don’t end up with 8 desserts and a bag of chips!) or if you’ll be providing all of the food, whether your making everything or purchasing some of the meal items from a local restaurant.

    If you’re still looking for some ideas of what to serve, try one of these great recipes we found on Pinterest.

  3. Know your timing

    While you can prepare many dishes ahead of time so you can spend more time with your guests instead of in the kitchen, know how long it will take to properly cook your main dishes. There’s nothing worse than having a backyard full of people waiting with nothing ready to be served yet.

  4. Keep guests entertained and mingling

    Have places set up so guests can easily mingle without having to stick to the dining tables. Group a few chairs in different corners of your yard so people can move around. Also plan have some fun backyard games, like a giant Jenga set or cornhole, available for adults and kids to enjoy. Not sure what games to have? Remember this tip: if you can play it while holding a drink in one hand, it’s probably a great game for a BBQ.

  5. Don’t stress

    Sure, it’s Labor Day but that doesn’t mean you have to work your hard prepping for your BBQ. This is where having a game plan comes into play: set up as much as possible the day before the BBQ, including prepping the food that can be made ahead. Also don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. Hosting a party doesn’t have to be a Herculean effort!

Hosting a Labor Day BBQ is a great way to celebrate the holiday with family and friends in your beautiful new home in Sunnyvale or new home in Fremont. We hope you have a happy and safe Labor Day weekend!