4 Green Ways to Stay Cool in Summer

4 ways to stay cool in your Summerhill Home

Summer is time for vacation, outdoor adventures, sunshine, and lots of fun. It also means that the temperatures will be at their peak. While the Bay Area usually stays pretty moderate, there are a few areas where triple-digit temperatures are the norm.

Staying cool during the summer can be challenging. While it can be tempting to run the air conditioner all day, there are other easier and more energy-efficient ways to beating the heat. Try these four green ways to staying cool this summer.

Close the blinds and curtains

You can think of your home like a greenhouse: when the sun’s rays shine through the windows, it’ll warm the room. To combat that natural heat, keep the blinds and curtains closed during the day to keep the rays out. This is especially important for rooms with a western or southern exposure as they tend to get the most direct sunlight during the day.

Open the windows and doors

Opening windows and doors in your home is a definite low-tech way to cool your home. Opening them will allow cool air to circulate. However, it’s important that you open your windows during the right time of day: having them open during the middle of the day will only let in the warm air. Either open them in the early morning before it warms up or wait until the late afternoon or early evening when the cool evening breezes usually kick in.

Limit using the stove or oven

Anyone who cooks knows just how much heat the stove and oven generate. That extra heat may be welcomed during the winter, it’s definitely not needed in summer. Try reducing the amount of time spent cooking by making quick meals that don’t require a long cook time, make dinner in a slow cooker or InstaPot, opt for no-cook meals like salads and sandwiches, or grill outside. If all else fails, it’s the perfect excuse to order take out.

Switch your sheets

It’s time to switch out your bedding. Not only does swapping your bedsheets help freshen your home for the new season, it’s also a great way to stay cool. Opt for 100% cotton sheets during the summer months because they breathe easier and stay cooler than other textiles like poly-blends or flannels.

These simple tips will help you to stay cool and environmentally friendly this summer.

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